Update on ankle!

Still wearing my brace at work because who knows what a patient will do!

But I did 30 min easy on a stationary bike (seat way low so I don’t plantar flex much during the pedal stroke) and didn’t have more than slight discomfort occasionally!! Success!!!

Will keep monitoring it, and I’m spending more and more time out of the brace.

Yay recovery!!

My rehab for it right now is still just pain free active ROM several times a day.

Also I can finally sit kind of cross legged again! With the bad leg out front instead of under/on the other.

Still a little swollen, especially around the lateral malleolus…




WOW I’ve run a bunch of races so far in 2019 🏃🏻‍♀️

The theme of this year is running. I started the year with a run streak, but now I’m focusing on how my body feels, getting stronger, and allowing myself to rest after pushing harder in workouts and races. I’ve gotten a PR at 3 of my 5 races, and I’m tracking to PR my next two. On a regular training run I happened to PR my 5K. I’m so impressed that my body is getting better and stronger through all of my training, and I’m excited to see where it takes me in the coming months!


Congratulations!! That’s quite the accomplishment!!

I’m excited to see where the best free months take you, too!

Cheering for you!


This is going to be fun to walk around on today.

Update from rolling my ankle yesterday.

I suspect a grade 1-2 sprain. It doesn’t hurt near as bad today, and I was able to weight bear on it yesterday. Today I can do stairs with only a slight sharp twinge at the end of my dorsiflexion range.

Either way I’m wearing a brace today and skipping the gym (might go to my apartment gym and do free weights while sitting on a bench or do lat pull machine…)

Yay injury!

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