What ur advice to me to start running as a hab…

What ur advice to me to start running as a habit for me ?

For me it was two things: accountability and setting small goals.

Accountability- I did a Tumblr post after each run. I never met anyone on here, but I felt like I had a crowd cheering me to keep going.

Small goals- go a little farther each day and keep challenging myself to see what I could do. Couldn’t run 2 blocks at first before needing to walk. So next day I would try to reach the next house. And another house or two the next run. Once I could do a couple miles without walking I set my biggest goal at the time: signing up for a half marathon. I couldn’t back out. Goal was set.

Good luck! We are rooting for you!


Are you shy?

Are you shy?

I used to be VERY, painfully, shy. But being a PT has really helped me get over that. I now crack really bad dad jokes on the regular and my job involves helping adults I’ve met once go to the bathroom.

So it is something that has gotten better.

But also I don’t know how to shut up anymore. 😅😅😅

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