I’ve been having a hard time thinking up original content for this little blog. All I’ve been doing is running and hitting the gym (although very infrequently).

Life is Life, and it definitely has it’s ebb and flow.

I’m very happy, but that doesn’t make for a good blog post 🤣.

Work has me busy, but I honestly love it. I got out an hour and a half early due to one of my patients going back to acute care. None of my other patients had any missed time, and I even made up the 30 I was missing on one (which requires an extra note, so that was annoying).

But I still got out early. So I bought more salad for lunches and got home to change for a run when the tornado sirens went off and one of the most dramatic thunderstorms ripped through our apartment complex. I didn’t feel like driving to my planet fitness to use the treadmill when it was storming. It lasted several hours, and finally it was evening when the skies cleared.

I went for a run then.

My little town was almost deserted. Normally I will pass a dozen runners on my 5 mi path. Today- nobody!

Not even cars!

Not going to lie, the humidity was brutal. But, it was so peaceful and the sky was stunning; I had to stop for a picture.

Anyway I hope you all can see the silver lining after something chaotic like a storm, and find the beauty on the other side.

Meanwhile I’m going to keep running, and keep grinding away to get my loans situated and the house-house built/closed on/furnished.

Then I’ll go find a gym membership with a pool and slowly work back into triathlons.




Happy Saturday!!

Just finished a 5 mile run this morning and am stretching by one of the many patches of daffodils blooming all over my new hometown.

Did you know they come in more that just yellow‽ I didn’t

Next weekend I have a double 5k to get ready for, so that’s exciting. One at 1am the other at 8am. You heard me right! 😁😁

Anyway, hope everyone has a productive day, and if you feel like it, let me know if you’ve got a race coming up, a long run, a fun run, it just had a great normal Saturday run!!!

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