Gobble, gobble! Only light running lately, but…

Gobble, gobble! Only light running lately, but I was able to hit the trails for the Beat the Bird 5K yesterday on a chilly Thanksgiving morning. I did not have high expectations, but there was enough gas in the tank for 18:40 officially (6:01 pace, 5th overall) and one of the baby back ribs prizes! Gotta say that’s one of the best things I’ve won at a race. Can’t go wrong with food over another water bottle, hat, or medal even.

My foot was a little sore in the evening, so I’m not quite out of the woods yet as far as the plantar fasciitis goes. There are no races on my schedule until the Shamrock Shuffle four months from now, so I should have plenty of time to build a good, strong base. Chicago Marathon decision needs to be made in a few days though, and I’m still on the fence. Might be more fun to go for the sub-1:20 half next year. We shall see.


As expected based on the weather around here lately, it was hot & humid at the Elmhurst 4 on the 4th. I’ve done his race five years in a row now as part of the marathon training group.

I knew going in I was gonna have to adjust my expectations. I tried to keep it loose and easy to start, but I was still somewhat surprised to see 6:00 at the first split when I thought I was going about 5:45 pace. In cooler weather, I would have shot for 23:00, but I’ll have to settle for 24:11.

There was a timing screwup this morning, so they didn’t announce age group winners like they normally do. I just looked up the results, and I was second! I’ve run much faster at this top-heavy race and never scratched the top three. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Normally I would commit fully to marathon training at this point and not race again until Chicago. I need to find some more races to run!

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