The last few weeks have been really rough. My father passed away a few days after thanksgiving in a motorcycle accident. I missed an entire week of school flying to Florida to see him in the hospital. Since I’ve gotten back to campus I’ve had to play a major game of catch up to try to take all of my finals and complete all the assignments on time. My body is completely thrown off from the lack of sleep/eating and the excessive amount of stress it is under. I miss working out but the two times I have gone this month I felt weak and I was miserable. I’m looking forward to focusing on my physical + mental health over winter break, but right now I’m so overwhelmed trying to finish the semester. Even with the lack of exercise and eating properly, my physique hasn’t taken a hit.



This pic is from a workout a few days ago but I’m back home for thanksgiving break. I weighed myself for the first time in a few months and I’m down to ~134 lbs which is maybe like a pound or two of weight loss but my mom thinks I look slimmer and I’m definitely stronger and can run faster in my workouts



Good afternoon!

Still thinking about World’s Toughest Mudder this weekend…

My favorite obstacle was definitely Leap of Faith! Loved every freezing cold minute of chasing my friends and heroes around that course, recording their efforts and shared misery. Inspiring to see them fighting through the pain, not giving up. My eyes would sting with tears and my heart would swell when they would give me a wave or a fist-bump on their way past me every lap. I wanted to hug every one of them because I know what it’s like! I’m getting emotional as I write this❤️

Love you ALL!


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