Saturday long run was good. I have a 50k next weekend so I didn’t want to overdo this weekend… I may have.

Did 7 miles before the group run then picked them up and did another 8. Birds were chirping and you could feel a tease of spring despite the cold temps. Probably the coldest morning for the rest of the season. Warmer temps on the way.



Wet 10 mile run Wednesday with Maclin.

Felt icky Thursday so rest day.

Easy 4 miles in the snow today.

Not exactly sure what I’m doing for weekend run yet. Was going to go to in-laws, but we are fighting off a small bug so a lot is up in the air. Weird feeling… Trails? Run-club? Early solo run? Several pros/cons for each. I’ll maul it over during my nap today. 🤣



Ran a vertical mile race yesterday with some friends. It was a 5 loop course. Ended up just shy of 6000 feet of gain. Couple of the hills were more than 25% grade. I hit the first 2 loops hard while the ground was frozen then it turned muddy and I slowed down the last loops so I didn’t pull anything. All about buckling down and keep moving forward. Lots of fun!

Huge shout-out to @littlerunnergurl for some unexpected Pringles & oatmeal cream pie at the aid station to help fuel the final lap.

Not too terribly sore today. Resting a day or two, but not too long… I have 3 weeks until a 50k in Cleveland.



Loving that sun! ☀️

Nice and very easy 3 mile run. Didn’t even get into heart rate zone 4. Just to loosen up and stretch my legs. 40 hours out from the vertical mile race. Not sure what to expect. The point of the vertical mile is to be a suffer fest of climbing. How will I hold up? Who knows. But cool friends will be there and there is beer at the finish line. And I WILL finish.


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