Good morning!

Finally ran a race in 2020. I can say this was humbling for a “little three mile race”. I have a policy about not reading too much about a race before I decide to do it. So when I arrived and they said we had to climb to COTA tower, I had to laugh. It was fun! But when you get to the top of the tower you have to walk across a glass floor. I felt nauseous as I scooted across that thing! Made me laugh that I still have some fear of heights left in me after all the races I’ve done😂 Some things never change:)





When you realize there is no end game— no plan. They just want you pick up breadcrumbs (as long as you’re willing to) But then you remember you’re a dragon… and dragons don’t eat breadcrumbs.

Everyone has a version of what being brave looks like. For me, it’s taking the risk with absolutely no guarantees. In fact, if I use history as my measuring stick for this risk, I have a good chance of having my butt handed to me, but I’m ok with that! I’m ok because at least I’ll always know I gave myself a chance and didn’t let paralyzing fear stop me.



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