Needed to clear my head.

Running always helps.

Nature always helps.

Wanted to go longer, but felt a 5k was enough.

Decided to walk home and call both of my grandparents.

Told them I loved them.

One had no idea what our country and world is going through.

I was scheduled off from work next week and planned to take my kids back to see their great grandparents.

We can’t now.

It’s too risky.

Here’s to hoping all our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents can survive what’s about to come because if people don’t take this more serious, we’re going to lose a lot of loved ones.



Beautiful morning.

Bummed my 50k was cancelled today, but understanding. Money still going toward a great cause. Did a 25k closer to home and got the chance to stretch my legs, stretch my lungs, and decompress from this hectic week. Run club was cancelled as well so some of us did smaller runs to avoid bigger groups due to the coronavirus.

I literally have no other races that I’m signed up for… So I’m going to try to maintain 25 miles a week for now.


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