I fricking tripped and fell twice this week while running. TWICE! And the last time I tripped and fell was 2 years ago!

First trip, this week, was Sunday morning. Glove palms ate most of it and I’m very glad I was wearing gloves. Landed hard on my ribs so took Monday off. Tuesday run was speedwork and no tripping. Then tripped again today while on my 7 mile run. Fell more gracefully and kinda rolled through it. Both times I tripped on the sidewalk with a slight lip. I think a lot has to do with running in shorts in the cold. Kinda like your lips not working right in the cold after a while. Legs get sluggish too. Temp was 25 today and wind chill was 11. I should have been in tights or pants. Not shorts. Thankfully no major issues other than sore ribs still. Live, run, and learn!


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