5th and final day of hell week! I didn’t get my T-shirt this morning bc I had a busy day ahead and wanted to be showered and at office hours by nine but then my debit card decided not to work at the gas station so I had to wait for the bank to open and then get a temporary card which threw off my whole morning. Then I got back to my apartment and ended up cleaning up after the party my roommates threw while I was off campus last weekend and that they’d promised would be cleaned up before I got back Saturday night (aka four days ago) so I’m growing increasingly annoyed with them. One of them I’ve lived with since freshman year and she’s great but the other lacks so much common sense and respect for a shared living space that I’m starting to loathe her. It’s frustrating not only because I have to clean up after her but also because it makes me not want to be in my own apartment, and as an introvert I need to be able to come home and unwind/relax and not deal with a disrespectful and messy roommate that I can’t stand. Having a space that isn’t peaceful is making this year way harder than it is to begin with.

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